I knew you would click the weird bean.

Since you are here, this is my s'werk.

(Sidework, or what I do besides ads.)


I do improv in the ATL, like Captain's Log (improvised Star Trek), Drive-By Broadway (an improvised musical), and Hip Hop Harold (a long-form improv show with freestyle rhyming). I also like to write and perform comedy musical numbers.

~ Elf/Mensch Video​ ~

Additional writing credits: Eric Holden

Piano Accompaniment: Dave Biemiller

Hip Hop Track: Les Atkins

and othEr things

I love costuming! (Piecing things together or making them myself.)

And I like to make show swag + promo bits. (T-shirts, posters, graphics, etc.)

1] Costuming for a comedy music video.

2] Variety of schwaggies.