I knew you would click the weird bean.

Since you did, here is my s'werk. (Sidework.)


I like to draw, sing, do character voices,

play with costuming, and tinker with motion graphics.

(You'll see those things scattered throughout my book!)

stage performance

I do improv in the ATL, like Captain's Log (improvised Star Trek), Drive-By Broadway (an improvised musical), and Hip Hop Harold (a long-form improv show with freestyle rhyming). I also like to write and perform comedy musical numbers.

!! NSFW !!

 πŸŽ€  πŸ‘‰  😨 

(shameful, disgraceful language)


β€” Elf/Mensch Video​ β€”


Additional writing credits: Eric Holden

Piano Accompaniment: Dave Biemiller

Hip Hop Track: Les Atkins


β€” PumpBish Video​ β€”


Lyrics + VO + motion graphics.

Background Track: AngelLaCiencia Beats

Clipart: MikeToon Studio


costuming, swag, et al.

I love costuming! (Pulling things together or making them myself.) And most other visual aspects of performance art, like choreography, set dec, show swag, and posters.

Clockwise from top-left:


β€’ Costuming for a music video.

β€’ Costuming for an SNL-themed theatre fundraising event.

β€’ The Creative Circus forum graphic.

β€’ Roxie Roz show poster.

β€’ Captain's Log show swag tee.