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whole lotta something

farmers insurance

There's a whole lotta something on this page: selections from social, print, OLV, and radio campaigns. Pick your pref or scroll through to take a gander at the lot.

{ social }

coming soon

Social spots created using existing footage. We leaned into the use of misdirection to oomph up the fun factor of this Switch and Save messaging.


CDs: perrin anderson
CDs: hobart birmingham
AD:  annie brennan

beeeep boooop: page in progress

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[print will be added in April]

{ OLV }

power up your insurance

In order to explain the current Farmers incentives and Policy Perks to a millennial audience, we likened them to something they're all familiar with. (...something with which they're all familiar.)

Also, see if you can spot my scruffy friend in all four. 🙈

CDs: perrin anderson
CDs: hobart birmingham
AD:  mariah colón

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{ radio }

little extra something (Policy Perks)

Farmers Insurance gives their customers a little extra something.

So, we added a little extra something to these :30 radio spots.

And a couple o' :15s just for funsers.
(Mega-funsers, since they have :06 of legal + a :03 mnemonic.)

CDs: perrin anderson
CDs: hobart birmingham

radio anchor

save yourself (Switch and Save)

Save yourself! Money. By switching to Farmers.

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